About Batul & Renske

Batul Loomans and Renske Hofman met on a flight from Bali to Amsterdam. It was love at first sight. They walked into the plane alone, and left the plane hand in hand. Two years later, their son Tommy Lucky was born, and another year later they welcomed Sammy Ocean with open arms. Het Lichthuis, meaning ‘the House of Light’ in Dutch, emerged from their desire to share their love for awareness, health and meditation.

The House of Light: a source of silence and healing

With Het Lichthuis, Batul and Renske have created a place where people can come to relax deeply and recharge. A source of silence, where they find strength, courage and inspiration. To shift gear in your life, or simply to get back to being yourself again.

To give more depth to their process, guests at Het Lichthuis can choose from various enriching sessions during their stay. These range from sessions in yoga, meditation, healing, massages and nature walks with a coach. Everything takes place in and around Het Lichthuis.

Rustic, inspiring and in the middle of nature

Het Lichthuis is a special and inspiring place , on what was once a dune at the centre of the green heart of Zandvoort. It is located just 5 minutes from the beach, a nature area and the sea. In the former church dating from 1928 and the adjoining parsonage house, 5 unique apartments were created. Here authentic details have been incorporated in a refreshing way. The use of natural materials delivers a rustic ambiance, where you quickly feel right at home. The different heights in the beautiful surroundings, and in Het Lichthuis itself, provide a playful and surprising effect.

Het Lichthuis uses renewable energy, through solar panels and a heat pump. As a result, fossil fuels are not needed here.

‘Not only do we want to welcome people that are already familiar with reflection and meditation, but also especially those who are not.’

Relaxing group room

At the rear of Het Lichthuis, along the beautiful, lush garden, you find a large open group room of 80m2. A unique spot for all kinds of creative or reflective sessions. From this light, open space with bamboo floor, you can see the leaves fluttering gently in the garden. The ultimate place to let go. Through the glass wall you see an inviting shared kitchen, where you can make shakes, prepare shared meals, participate in cooking workshops or simply sit and enjoy a cup of tea.

Soothing garden

Around Het Lichthuis is a wonderfully soothing garden, with plenty of sunshine. Here there are different corners waiting to be discovered where you can sit and take it all in. When the weather is right, outdoor sessions under the naked sky are certainly among the possibilities.

About Renske

Renske is a loving and passionate woman with the gift of bringing out people’s unique potential. She inspires people to activate and ignite it further. Renske’s experience is that increased awareness is the key to live with more joy, vitality and inner peace.

Her passion is to guide the transformation processes that lead to fulfilment and joy.

‘In deep relaxation you enter a state between being asleep and awake; a place of deep healing where you can find and nourish yourself. Where you encounter new insights and inspiration.’

Renske has more than 20 years of experience as theatre producer and trainer/coach for individuals and groups of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. She is a certified kundalini yoga teacher, has completed various training programmes in the area of energy and healing. Currently she is enrolled in a programme for Intuitive Spiritual Psychotherapy and Essence.

Increasing the self-worth of street children and youth at risk
Renske is co-founder of Ubuntu Theatre Organisation and founder of Ubuntu Academy Cape Town. She has travelled around the world over the past 10 years, dedicated to increasing the feeling of self worth among children living on the streets and youth at risk. At the Ubuntu Academy in Cape Town, youth at risk are educated during a two-year programme to become inspiring leaders and role models for the next generation.

Batul Loomans

Batul is a fascinating and creative entrepreneur with an eye for design and quality. Batul is a loving person with a big heart. His vulnerability is his greatest strength.

Batul has a passion for meditation and the development of awareness and inner silence. He has a special quality of taking you on a journey to a place where everything is possible. Light, dark, perspective, chaos, silence and noise. With his presence alone he is capable of guiding you to a place where you can find yourself.

Osho and Buddha to Buddha
After a career in textile, Batul went in 1992 to India for the first time to become acquainted with the practice of meditation. For the next 15 years, he spent every winter in the meditation centre of the Indian master Osho. That meditation is more than just sitting still on a pillow is something he illustrated with his jewellery collection, Buddha to Buddha. Together with an inspiring team he landed this brand on the map across the globe.